Singing in the Rain Dedication

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SITR Dedication Invitation

Join us in dedicating this positive message to the community next Wednesday. This project is intended to help people see the good in Berwick. Our town has lots of creative and positive opportunities that are often forgotten about or neglected completely.  The “Singing in The Rain” project is designed to help people see through the negativity and share what they love about Berwick. Please call if you have any questions. If you helped paint one of the silhouettes please come down and celebrate with us.

Come Celebrate Berwick today! (May 10th, 2014)

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Join us today in downtown Berwick in front of A Perfect Blend to see some of the designs and what the cutouts for our current Singing In The Rain project look like. We’ll also have info on Singing In The Rain and the Mural Project in general for anyone that would like to get involved in Muralizing Berwick!

Have a great one and let’s go Celebrate Berwick!

Singing in the Rain-2014

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Singing in the Rain

This initiative started with a dream of bringing the good of Berwick to the light of day.  Sure, we all know the stories that sell papers but why fill your head and consume your day thinking about all the negativity.  I say spend your energy on all the good you have to offer your hometown.  ‘Singing in the Rain’ is intended to help sprinkle inspiration all over town with a small pop of color uniquely designed by the folks in our own community.

SITRThe “Singing in the Rain” project is asking for volunteers to help design an umbrella silhouette to your style and liking. Paint an umbrella with your family, your church group or whatever part of the community you work best with.  Or if you actually believe you’re not a “creative person” (everyone actually IS) then help by sponsoring our cause.  $100 donation to the United Way “Singing in the Rain” project, will get you a silhouette cut out for the outside of your buisness of choice. (*first come first serve, for the 30pcs we will be making) Or, just help us spread the message and celebrate the positive here in Berwick! There is something for everyone, so please join us!

1. Send us your design. Email or I can meet you at a great coffee shop downtown.
2. We will deliver the 5ft metal cut out to you or your groups door and will return in 3 weeks to pick up the masterpiece!
3. The pieces will be clear coated for preservation.
4. April 2014 we will have an art installation in which they will all be displayed as a collection in one location.
5. After the installation display, the pieces will be sprinkled around town at different locations.


Please join us in this community effort to bring out the good Berwick has to offer! Just wondering what’s your favorite thing about Berwick?

Connie Donlin


Check us out on Facebook, Berwick Mural Project





Update! Kinda Late! Better Late Than Never!

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Hi Everyone,

We worked on some smaller projects in 2013 and I love the community involvement that came with it!  Some of these include:


Front St. Wall – Jermaine Johnson


Farmers Market signage – Monica Zourides

Fence Posts for the Community Garden - Vine St

Fence Posts for the Community Garden – Vine St

Chalk Art - Canal St. - Trio Group

Chalk Art – Canal St. – Trio Group


I have been doing some personal growth and have spent some time working with the Berwick United Way.  I have learned so much over this last year with them.  They make a real difference in our community. I hope you will all join us in 2014 to create some fun opportunities to grow our community creatively together.  Look for the “Singing in the Rain” project which is almost ready for you or your group, to paint in a unique custom way.  Call anytime if you want to get involved or have and idea.  Thanks for tuning in for this quick update!  Better late than never!

On a side note:

The Mural Project is helping celebrate our local Olympian, Jayson Terdiman, by hanging some red, white and blue lanterns & ribbons in the downtown area of Berwick this coming Tuesday the 18th of February at 11am.  We’ll be meeting at A Perfect Blend. Call Connie at 570-578-9412 if you’re interested in lending a hand!

“When you find something you love, give it everything you have. You never know where it can take you!” ~Jayson Terdiman, 2014 Winter Olympics competitor and local Berwick Native.


Connie Donlin



Ready, Set, Paint! May 2013

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Community Garden Mural Project

Community Garden
Mural Project


Hi Everyone!  The beautiful weather is back and we’re ready to start painting the town again.   Who’s interested in spreading some color with us?

The Celebrate Berwick Event is happening this Saturday, May 11th from 11-5.  There will be events all over town, including a scavenger hunt at Fuel Fitness, a Wine Festival (at The O’Donnell Winery), Mural Projects; and my brother giving out free hotdogs on Front St across from Turkey Hill!  Contact Amy Shortlidge at the Chamber of Commerce for a full listing of events and locations, or hop on a bus that will take you and your family to the next great activity. There will be information tents at each drop of point.

The Berwick Mural Project will be at the intersection of Front St and Orange St working in the parking lot of the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation.  We will be creating fence posts to be used in Berwick’s own Community Garden on Vine St.  Did you even know that Berwick has a community garden?

The Berwick Young Professionals will be sharing space with us in the parking lot and they will have food for sale, so pick up some lunch while your there.

Join us, bring the family, and put a stake in your community!

Thanks for taking the time to help us make Berwick and our surrounding communities a more colorful place to live!  And remember, an even easier way to help is by sharing this blog with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you spend time online.  Thanks again and happy painting!


Please contact Connie Donlin at 570-578-9412 if you or your group would like to get involved in any way.  The following are tentative dates that we’ll be ‘muralizing’ in and around Berwick this summer.  Your help and support are welcome and appreciated. Thanks!



 Tentative Summer Schedule:

May 11th Celebrate Bwk at CSCF

May 23-24 Coffee shop Farmers Market sinage

June 20-21 Coffee shop Farmers Market sinage with live music from members of SH

July 12 Trio Group from Bloom

Aug 15-16 Greys windows

Aug 22-23 Ymca Garden arrow

Sept 5-6 Theater Vince sin-age

Oct 10th Mural Tour/ Riverfest


Other Happenings:

June 1st Meet Monroe St Block Party (Sponslers Park)

June 29th Opener of Famers Market (behind the football field)


Our first Mural tour & Dedication Oct 25th 2012

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I must say, that was a success! All around, from the mural, to the tour, to the dedication, it all felt right! I appreciate all who came out to paint and celebrate with us!

The tour began with about 20 people.  Along the tour we chatted, laughed and dreamed, and admired the work our fellow community volunteers spent their time creating for all of us.  Vern was right, we did make it to the park a bit late, you told me so Vern.  Thank you everyone who walked with me and came out to here about our projects growth!

Once we arrived, I found my outside voice I belted out my words.  My emotions did catch up with me and I stumbled, but the smiling faces in the crowd were just what I needed.  In celebrating this large mural I feel confident in planning out our next year… many exciting things to come.

Let me take this chance to thank all who helped make this vision a reality.  Coles Hardware came out of the blue and donated all the paint and materials to complete this project…this was not the plan.  I had a hard time not hugging Leslie when she told me it was all donated!!!! Thank you Coles and Thank you Leslie and crew for coming to join us in painting!  I would also like to thank Jay Jerret of the Blueprints Community who was critical in logistics, thanks for your partnership.  The Neighborhood Christian Church on LaSalle St. is always helping their community and they have stepped up to the plate once agian.  They provided helpers for our community paint day and donated the scaffolding used for our second community paint day.  Thank you so much Terry and crew for coming out!  Brian Powlus, our artists and designer of this wonderfully colorful and fun mural.  Brian told me he wanted to make this wall an extension of the park and I think he has done that perfectly.  He has many different ideas sprawling across this wall, which makes a perfect back drop to Sponslers Park.  He also included some messages to the children of the community, “Rise Above the Influence” and the “Children are the Future”.  My favorite view is from the Monroe St side of the park looking back through the park.  Thank you Brian for the vision, the effort and a wonderful design!

Last but not least, all of you who came out to be part of this project.  This large wall would not have been completed if there was only 2 of us working on it.  Because of the turn out we had on both community paint days (80 or so on the first day and 30 people the second day) we completed it way sooner then I thought possible.  You all stepped up to the plate and made it happen.

Together we can accomplish so much more! Together is how we will make a difference in this crazy world!  Together we can inspire, rejuvenate one another, and take back our community.  Leave our mark on this place we call home, Together we can Do More, and make more of an impact!!!!!  Thanks for joining our vision!

As for the hand printing and signing of the names, we will wait until spring for that.  I usually kick off the season around earth day in April.  I will keep you posted as soon as I have a date for that. One more reason to get out of your house after a long winter.  I also have T-shirts if you helped paint.  Please get a hold of me so I can get you a shirt.  Connie Donlin 570-578-9412

Thank you all who made this possible and I look forward to painting the town with you over the next few years!!!!

Who doesn’t love before and after shots….This alley is a little brighter for sure!

Heading over to Sponslers Park on Monroe St to “Muralize” today!

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Call me if your interested or just stop on over. I’ll be working the next few days on finishing up detailing on the Sponslers mural too prepare for next weeks Mural Tour and Dedication Oct 25th 5pm mural tour begins at A Perfect Blend. Please join me in painting, bring your own ladder if you have one. Call Connie Donlin 570-578-9412

Thanks again to all who came out this Sunday!

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We had a second community day of painting at Sponlsers park with Brian Powlus the artist and a great crew of dedicated people who spent 3 hours of their Sunday to give back to their community. We still have some to go on this mural but we are planning a Dedication Ceremony 25th of October. Anyone who helped paint will be able to add their hand print and name to the bottom of the mural. Keep your ears open for the latest happening with the Berwick Mural Project!  Anyone interest in helping plan the Dedication please contact Connie 570-578-9412.

Join in your Community and “Muralize” with us!

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Sept 16th Sunday 1-4pm we will be working on the Sponslers Park mural,on Monroe St in Berwick.  We are looking for adults and mature young adults for ladder and scaffolding work. Young Kids are welcome to watch, and cheer us on!  We will be working on finishing the top of the mural and detailing out some of the design.  If you have a steady hand or have art experience, your help on the detailing work would be appreciated, let me (Connie) know that you are interested in the detail work when you come down on Sunday.  I’ll be the one walking quickly back and forth around the mural, probably wearing my Studio D T-shirt.  Please call if you have any questions or to RSVP for you or your group.  Connie Donlin 570-578-9412 See you all there!!!!

Thank you to all who came out to paint with us!!

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Your Included!

Wow what a success!!! We had over 100 people come out to our event on Sat. Thanks for making it a blast! With a 10am start, about 20 people where on hand to start things off. throughout the day we had people straggling in, some spent most of the afternoon acting as part of the community. We should all be proud of the community spirit displayed that day. I will be posting our finish dates as soon as possible. We will be looking for more adults this time because of the ladders and scaffolding being used. I’ll be in touch. If you are interested in a phone call with the dates please get a hold of me and I can add you to the list. Connie Donlin 570-578-9412